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Basketball Play - High-Low Passing

High-Low Passing

Rory Hamilton 06/20/2018

Hi-Low Passing Drill: Can be run to both sides with guards starting on the wing and two post players at the top of the key and strong side block. Drill begins with a quick ball reversal to either a coach or manager. Guard comes off baseline screen and catches the first pass and makes a lay-up. The screener 5 then receives a screen from the other post player 4 and receives 2nd pass from the other coach or manager for A. Shot at top of key B. Hi-low pass (shown in next diagram) C. Post direct (defense switches) Here we show a situation where the defense switches the down screen and our post looks to get a direct pass from the wing. See More

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Basketball Play - Star Passing Drill

Star Passing Drill

Alan Peel 08/16/2013

This drill can be done as a pre-practice drill or as a pre-game warm-up. You will need at least seven players to execute the drill properly. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - 11 Man Fast Break Drill

11 Man Fast Break Drill

Michael Lynch 06/24/2018

The 11 Man Fastbreak is one of our players' favorite drills. It is essentially a continous 3 on 2 transition drill that we use to emphasize pitch aheads and "Finding Advantages." This is generally a drill where I try not to blow the whistle much, but I will blow the whistle if we are straying from our transtion principles. I generally choose to emphasize 1) Running the Sideline Hard, 2) Hunting Pitch Ahead Passes, 3) Keeping Advantages Alive, and 4) Attacking the Rim. Check out more from Coach Lynch and his Seamless Offensive appraoch on theFMS Blog: Program Spotlight - Leicester Wolverines See More

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