Davidson Wildcats Double Stagger Chase - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Needing a three at the end of game to force overtime, the Davidson Wildcats ran this ATO. 

The set features some great #MotionOffenseTips such as widening second screeners in a stagger, second cutting opposite the cutter and "taking out the help" by the cutter. 

Keys to the play:

  • Cutters must tight curl
  • Second screener in the stagger must widen to force the longer trail
  • Curling player must take out the help with the tight curl, thus opening the desired shooter when he bust the arc with the second cut

For more on motion offense concepts....

  • Basketball Play - Davidson Wildcats Double Stagger Chase
  • Basketball Play - Davidson Wildcats Double Stagger Chase
  • (4 is desired shooter)

    1 dribbles away from the 4 & 5


    4&5 sprint into the stagger for 2 in the corner


    3 sprints to opposite corner


    2 tight curls the stagger

  • 3 chases 2 around the stagger and tight curls to take out the help (4's man)


    4 second cuts the to the wing


    1 takes ball to the action and finds 4 for the shot