'Pure Sweat' Combo Drill - FastModel Sports

Published 10/22/2012 by Greg White Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill


This is a drill that I learned from Drew Hanlen at Puresweatbasketball.com Check out his website for more info.
It's a great drill for conditioning and skill development.
  • Basketball Play - 'Pure Sweat' Combo Drill
  • Basketball Play - 'Pure Sweat' Combo Drill
  • Drill goes on both ends.

    1passes to 7. 7 will pass back to 1 for a shot from his range. This is a transition shooting drill so we want the player to be comfortable and make shots. On the pass back to 1, 10 will go block out 7.


    1 back of line

    7 or 10 rebounder becomes outlet pass to other end, loser becomes the block out guy for next shooter

  • Teaching Point:

    Don't let the Rebounders walk. 2 options. Have outlet (3) come to ball or allow rebounder to take 2 dribbles to pass. Here 3 comes back and to meet the ball and 4 will make the pass off one dribble.