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Justin Lewis is the Head Girls Basketball coach at Houston High School in Memphis, TN. He is entering his second season as a head coach, and has been coaching all together for six years. Coach Lewis spent three years as a student manager at Blue Mountain College and has covered the NBA as a writer for sevent years at SBNation and
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Basketball Play - Wall STS BLOB


Justin Lewis 09/12/2023

This is the first BLOB play I learned while coaching middle school basketball. I have carried it to the varsity level and get at least a bucket per contest off it. This play is designed to draw attention to shooters running off screens, then a screen the screener action followed by a dive. Should always create an open shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Offset Box BLOB

Offset Box BLOB

Justin Lewis 08/22/2023

This BLOB is designed to score off the inbound pass. It presents two separate options for a lay-up and a three. I run this at the high school level and score off it 60% of the time. The 5 typically is wide open after all the screening action takes place. See More

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