Twist BLOB vs 2-3 Zone - FastModel Sports

Published 12/23/2023 by Justin Lewis Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This play was developed to take advantage of 2-3 zones that sought to take away the middle on inbounds. I saw a team on film that dropped a top defender down to help defend the basket and saw an opportunity for two easy screens to create two open shots. Zones tend to struggle guarding the weak side corner and the weak side block at the same time. 

  • Basketball Play - Twist BLOB vs 2-3 Zone

It is important to clarify that the 5 screens the OUTSIDE player on the 2-3. If the defender gets around they should flash open as a secondary option. 

The 4 should screen the ball side top defender then flash to the middle of the paint. 

The inbounder can step in on the same side corner as a shooting threat.