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Plays, drills and updates about "More Than Just Basketball" from the Maryland Women's Basketball Program.

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The Maryland women's program is one of the most accomplished programs in the country, and Head Coach, Brenda Frese, has built a program based on "More Than Just Basketball".

The Maryland Women hold Family, Academics, Community, Travel, and the commitment to become Champions in everything they do, as sacred ideas that factor into their success both on and off the court. 
Just a few of the on-court successes they have achieved recently include:
2006 National Championship
4 Final Four Appearances
11 Elite Eight Appearances
12 Sweet Sixteens
9 ACC Championships (ACC Record)
23 National Tournament Appearances

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Basketball Play - SLOB Pinch Cut

SLOB Pinch Cut

Michael Bowden 03/07/2013

This was a set that I saw 3 times within a 3 day period from an NBA team as well as a college basketball team. This is a great set to use if you have an athletic guard to throw the ball in, a 3 point shooter to bring to the corner and a high post who can be isolated at the elbow. See More

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Basketball Play - BYU ATO


Michael Bowden 02/26/2013

BYU is tops in the nation when it comes to Synergy's analysis of After Time Out sets (ATO). They average a score 47-48% of the time after time outs. I have included 2 sets that they have ran this season both in the half court and out of a sideline out of bounds set. They like to take advantage of dribble handoffs and double screens to get players open. ATO and other special situation sets are very crucial this time of the year when games come down to the wire and its win or go home. See More

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Basketball Play - OSU Cowboys 3 Quick Hitters

OSU Cowboys 3 Quick Hitters

Michael Bowden 02/08/2013

Oklahoma State Men's Basketball Team has been on fire as of late. They are well coached and are being pushed by a dynamite freshman point guard. They are coming off back to back wins where they really executed their offense well. Here are 3 quick hitter sets to get a 3 that they used in their win at Kansas over the weekend. Keep an eye on their spacing, timing, use of screens and poise in these 3 clips. Enjoy! See More

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Basketball Play - Husky Zone Set

Husky Zone Set

Michael Bowden 01/31/2013

This is a nice zone set from the 2008-2009 season from the Uconn vs. Gonzaga game in late December. This is a very nice set to get your main post player an isolation on the block. The double high ball screens also allow your guards to get penetration and kicks as well. See More

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Basketball Play - Carolina Back Screen

Carolina Back Screen

Michael Bowden 01/24/2013

North Carolina Back Screen set is a set that they have been running for many years. The reason they continue to get solid looks out of this early offense is because they can run it out of their break. This action is very difficult to defend because you need solid ball pressure and communication on screens - which might be difficult in their home arena. These are a few of their back screen sets ran last night vs. Ga Tech. See More

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Basketball Play - X - America's Play 2012-13

X - America's Play 2012-13

Michael Bowden 01/17/2013

There is a new "America's Play" for the season of 2012-13. This set has been growing in frequency all season long. This is such a simple set to put in if you have either a dominant post player or a knock down shooter. The set can also flow into an on ball screen offense or a 2 man game. We have seen this set from UVA, UNC, Towson, Delaware, St. Joes, George Mason, Hartford, FSU, Brown and Virginia Tech. This shows you that all difference conferences with different offensive philosophies are running this set to get a quality shot. The video attached shows you the different alignments you can start the set with from a 1-4 high, Pinch, Box, or even starting with a guard over/under movement (Iverson cut). See More

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Basketball Play - KSU UCLA POB


Michael Bowden 01/11/2013

Here is a nice set to run by Kennesaw State Men's Basketball Team that flows into their motion offense. This set combines the many options out of the 1-4 High sets (which are endless) with the continuity of the motion offense. KSU ran this very well vs. Pitt earlier in the year and got some nice buckets out of it. They have many other options out of their 1-4 High series that are not included on the video or diagram. See More

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Basketball Play - JMU CIRCLE


Michael Bowden 01/04/2013

This is a very simple baseline out of bounds set that James Madison runs to get open shots for their guards. JMU is ranked in the top 10 on synergy's percentage of scoring in out of bounds plays. They do a great job of setting screens, being patient with the screens and also using the screen. The end of the set allows you to flow right into your offense, whether it be 4 out 1 in, 3 out 2 in, Ball screen motion etc... See More

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Basketball Play - Wolverine Tandem

Wolverine Tandem

Michael Bowden 12/31/2012

Many coaches have requested some Michigan information. I went through all of their makes this season so far and found this unique set that has many options out of it. The Wolverine Tandem set has a drive to the basket, drive and kick, the follow POB, the throw back, the throw back and get etc... options. This is just a small progression of this quick and easy set that Michigan runs. See More

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Basketball Play - Florida Ball Screens

Florida Ball Screens

Michael Bowden 12/13/2012

Over the past few years ball screens have been more and more prevalent in all levels of basketball. The Mens Basketball Team at the University of Florida have many sets that involve the ball screen. These are just a few of them that they have run the past two seasons. Their posts to a great job of reading whether to slip to the basket, pop, roll and seal etc... This season they have really taken advantage of Erik Murphy which would be comparable in the NBA to a Stretch 4 like a Ryan Anderson on the New Orleans Hornets. The Post to Post option is a great little wrinkle you can incorporate in your ball screen action if you have a young or inexperienced point guard who is being trapped often or against a team that hard hedges on screens. With the post to post screen, the post players defense will have an extremely difficult time sprinting to the top of the floor to show on the ball screen. See More

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Basketball Play - QGW Stack Low vs. Zone

QGW Stack Low vs. Zone

Michael Bowden 12/07/2012

This a nice quick hitter set vs. a zone. The timing in this play is essential. You want your 2 coming across those 2 low screens just as the 3 is bringing it the middle of the floor. The weak side of the zone will have to decide to cover the 2 player or stay locked on the post players. If the zone rotates quickly, you have the 4 player coming across the middle at the end of the set to receive a nice low post catch. See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle Pinch DHO

Triangle Pinch DHO

Michael Bowden 11/30/2012

The true triangle offense has so many actions and possibilities. From the 90's Bulls to the Lakers of the late 2000's. Here is a just one action that the Lakers looked to attack the Magic in the Finals with. They also ran this for Kobe to get an Isolation on the post. They had him coming off the initial flex screen. They also run him in the 5 position. So he can catch on the weak side elbow and be able to create from the elbow. See More

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Basketball Play - POB DOUBLE DOWN


Michael Bowden 11/15/2012

Even though sideline out of bounds plays are more frequent at the NBA level compared to the college and high school ranks, I believe you can add this quick hitter set to get you a bucket. The San Antonio Spurs run their sets to perfection and this SLOB POB Double Up is no exception. If you run this and it gets scouted, I have included a screen the screener option to keep the defense honest and get your best shooter a shot. I hope you enjoy. See More

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Basketball Play - Wolf Pack Guard Follow

Wolf Pack Guard Follow

Michael Bowden 11/08/2012

I saw this segment last week on ESPNU. NC State shows a great set that they run to get many different looks for different players. This set is all about timing and reading what the defense does. You might be able to get the post open on just the naked cut across the paint, of the 2 coming off the lob, the point guard coming off the ball screen, or a possible kick out from the point, the post on the cross screen, the shooter coming off the single down screen or even the 4 slipping to the basket because the defender hedged out to the shooter. This set properly ran, can be very difficult to run and might be a nice little secondary break set to throw in the second half of a game. Enjoy See More

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