JMU CIRCLE - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a very simple baseline out of bounds set that James Madison runs to get open shots for their guards. JMU is ranked in the top 10 on synergy's percentage of scoring in out of bounds plays. They do a great job of setting screens, being patient with the screens and also using the screen. The end of the set allows you to flow right into your offense, whether it be 4 out 1 in, 3 out 2 in, Ball screen motion etc...

  • Basketball Play - JMU CIRCLE
  • Basketball Play - JMU CIRCLE
  • Basketball Play - JMU CIRCLE
  • 5 sets a screen for 2 to cut to the basket.

    5 then shapes up to receive the pass from 3

  • 1 flashes to top of key

    5 passes to 1

    2 sets a screen for 3 to curl the basket

    4 spaces up

  • This is where there can be many options.

    1. Single down screens

    2. Floppy set

    3. Stagger

    4. Screens, then right into your on ball screen offense