SLOB Pinch Cut - FastModel Sports

Published 03/07/2013 by Michael Bowden Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This was a set that I saw 3 times within a 3 day period from an NBA team as well as a college basketball team. This is a great set to use if you have an athletic guard to throw the ball in, a 3 point shooter to bring to the corner and a high post who can be isolated at the elbow.

  • Basketball Play - SLOB Pinch Cut
  • Basketball Play - SLOB Pinch Cut
  • 5 sets a baseline screen for 1

    4 sets a down screen for the 5 to flash to ball side elbow

    3 passes to 5 at the elbow

  • 3 hard cuts to basket

    *Other options would be fake hand-off to dribble ball screen with the 1