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Basketball Play - Iowa State 1-4 High - Back Cut

Iowa State 1-4 High - Back Cut

Wes Kosel 04/14/2015

This play starts with a dribble hand-off to the left wing and a pop out by 4 from the elbow out to the 3-point line. Often, Niang is the player stepping out to get the ball. Once Niang has it, he dribbles right as if he is going to give 2 the ball on a dribble hand-off. Is the defender tries to jump the hand-off, 2 makes a hard cut back-door to the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Utah State Stagger Slip

Utah State Stagger Slip

Wes Kosel 05/11/2015

The play starts in a 1-4 high with 2 and 3 exchanging wing positions. 1 passes to 3 then moves to the opposite side of the floor. 5 and 4 move over to screen for 3 on the wing. 4 looks to slip the screen and if that isn't open 5 sets a ball-screen for 3 on the wing. See More

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Basketball Play - Texas Elbow Quick Stagger

Texas Elbow Quick Stagger

Wes Kosel 03/19/2015

Texas used this play early in the second half to get an open shot for Holmes. Ridley was called for an illegal screen, but Texas should continue with actions similar to this and force Butler to chase Jonathan Holmes around screens. If Ridley holds the screen, it will be difficult for defenders to get around him. The play starts with an entry pass to 4 at the high post. 5 (Ridley) sets an up-screen for the point guard then both 1 and 5 set a staggered screen for Holmes in the corner. See More

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Basketball Play - UK Iso Blob

UK Iso Blob

Kevin Bruinsma 05/20/2015

Although a very basic play it accomplished exactly what UK was hoping for, 1 on 1 with the ball 15 feet from the rim in their best dribble drive player’s hands. In the video included you will see that #1 Booker took the ball out and didn’t run the play correctly. You can tell he screwed the play up because #5 Harrison in the corner of the court is pointing and yelling at him to run off the double screen being set by the 4 & 5. Booker entered the ball to #2 Harrison who popped back to catch the ball at the elbow. With a shooter in the ball side corner, and the in-bounder running off a double screen set by the two bigs it eliminates help side defense so that Harrison now can play 1 on 1 from 15 feet away from the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Chicago Bulls "ATO Wing Dive"

Chicago Bulls "ATO Wing Dive"

Gibson Pyper 04/30/2015

Down late against Milwaukee, Bulls coach Thibodeau called a great After Time Out set to get Mirotic a wide open 3 point look. Initially on the wing, 1 passes to 3 who quickly flips it back to him and clears to opposite wing. 5 then steps up and sets a ballscreen for 5 who attacks to the corner, 5 dives to the rim, as this action occurs 4 sneaks up and pops to the lane line extended area for replace action to take advantage of help defense from the Bucks. See More

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Basketball Play - Trail Blazer Horns Ball-Screen

Trail Blazer Horns Ball-Screen

Wes Kosel 04/25/2015

In this horns set play from the Trail Blazers, 4 sets a down-screen for 2 in the corner as 3 moves towards the rim. 1 passes to 2 then cuts off of a back-screen from 5. At the same time this is happening, 4 screens for 3 who cuts to the corner. If neither option is open, 5 steps over to set a ball-screen for 2. 2 looks to turn the corner and score or can give the ball to 1 on a dribble hand-off. See More

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Basketball Play - Bulls Stagger Choice

Bulls Stagger Choice

Wes Kosel 04/20/2015

Here are two stagger screen options from the Chicago Bulls. To intitiate the play, 1 dribbles left sending 3 across the floor. 3 loops around a staggered screen from 2 and 4 at the right elbow. The first look by 1 is to pass to 3 at the rim. In option 1, 3 cuts back to the right wing off of the staggered screen from 4 and 2. In option 2, 3 cuts off of a down-screen from 5 while 4 sets a flare-screen for 2. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics Slice Double

Boston Celtics Slice Double

Craig LeVasseur 04/16/2015

With Ray Allen at the 2, new Slice options are introduced to provide him with catch and shoot opportunities. In Slice Double, the initial action is the same, but it is a setup to get Allen’s defender on the high side in the post, at which time he reverses back off a stagger screen from 4 and 5 with his defender trailing. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics Slice 1

Boston Celtics Slice 1

Craig LeVasseur 04/16/2015

Rajon Rondo’s size often led to mismatches, and this Slice variation used by the Celtics allowed him to call his own number and get a good post up opportunity on the block. The setup looks exactly like regular Slice, but the 2 man rejects the flex screen, allowing Rondo to slip around the 5 and seal his defender. See More

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Basketball Play - Circle Left

Circle Left

Randy Brown 05/13/2014

This play uses the reverse action to set up a scoring option for 3. Ball entered right and driven left off ball screen by 4. As the action moves left, ball is quickly reversed to 1 as 3 cuts baseline off staggered screen from 5-4 for score. See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs "Motion Weak Thunder"

San Antonio Spurs "Motion Weak Thunder"

Gibson Pyper 07/10/2015

Motion Weak, it starts with the point guard passing to the wing and cutting through the lane to the opposite wing. The ball is reversed through the trailing big, and the weakside guard cuts into the lane to set a cross screen for the first big man down the floor. After the reversal, the post can come off the cross screen or fake and come up the lane off a 2/5 stagger. See More

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Basketball Play - L.A. Clippers 4 Snap

L.A. Clippers 4 Snap

Craig LeVasseur 04/16/2015

While the Celtics best utilized the Slice series with KG as the trail big, the Clippers prefer to have Blake Griffin start on the block. The Clippers used this setup to get Blake catches at his left block sweet spot. If the post up is not there, the 2 and 3 can play out 2nd side action for additional options. See More

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Basketball Play - BYU Quick Flare

BYU Quick Flare

Craig LeVasseur 03/18/2015

BYU ran this misdirection play against Ole Miss in the NCAA First Round. It starts with a stagger screen for the 1 man, a dangerous shooter. While this happens, 2 sets a token ballscreen for the ballhandler and immediately slips the screen. The 1 man curls the stagger and clears while the 5 man turns back and sets a flare screen for the 2 after he slipped the ballscreen. A great defensive effort by x2 prevented a 3 point shot here, but the 2 man still made a quick read and drove baseline to the basket for a foul. See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers "Wing Double"

Cleveland Cavaliers "Wing Double"

Gibson Pyper 04/23/2015

To open the second half of Game 2 the Cavs ran a really nice Double Ballscreen on the wing. Kevin Love set a down screen for LeBron who then set a ballscreen for Kyrie, at the same time Love turns and sets a ballscreen as well. What I love about this set is when Kyrie clears both ballscreens, LeBron dives to the rim & Love pops to the wing creating chaos for the defense. They have to defend Kyrie attacking, LeBron on the roll or Love at the rim for a 3. The opposite big is forced to help and Mozgov is available in the slot weakside & JR Smith is spacing the floor on the weakside as well. One of my favorite sets Blatt has run this year. See More

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