Boston Celtics Slice Double - FastModel Sports

Published 04/16/2015 by Craig LeVasseur Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

With Ray Allen at the 2, new Slice options are introduced to provide him with catch and shoot opportunities. In Slice Double, the initial action is the same, but it is a setup to get Allen’s defender on the high side in the post, at which time he reverses back off a stagger screen from 4 and 5 with his defender trailing.

  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics Slice Double
  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics Slice Double
  • 1 swings to 4 at top. 2 flex off 5 to rim. 4 swings to 3.

  • 4 screens 1 to top. 4 and 5 set stagger on 2 for jumper.