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Basketball Play - Wisco S/S Blob

Wisco S/S Blob

Kevin Bruinsma 05/21/2015

A traditional screen the screener set out of this normal formation would have the 5 man screening for the guard so the guard can pop to the corner and the 5 can dive to the rim. In this particular play Wisconsin reversed the action as they had already ran the traditional screen the screener once. Kaminsky instead of screening in received a screen and was able to roll right to the basket for a wide open slam dunk. #10 Nigel Hayes stays spaced out all the way on the opposite side of the floor to remove the other big from being located near the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - UK Iso Blob

UK Iso Blob

Kevin Bruinsma 05/21/2015

Although a very basic play it accomplished exactly what UK was hoping for, 1 on 1 with the ball 15 feet from the rim in their best dribble drive player’s hands. In the video included you will see that #1 Booker took the ball out and didn’t run the play correctly. You can tell he screwed the play up because #5 Harrison in the corner of the court is pointing and yelling at him to run off the double screen being set by the 4 & 5. Booker entered the ball to #2 Harrison who popped back to catch the ball at the elbow. With a shooter in the ball side corner, and the in-bounder running off a double screen set by the two bigs it eliminates help side defense so that Harrison now can play 1 on 1 from 15 feet away from the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Wisco On-Ball Flare

Wisco On-Ball Flare

Kevin Bruinsma 05/11/2015

In this specific play Wisconsin made a modification to the common roll & replace ball screen set in which the 4/5 set a ball screen then roll to the rim while the other big lifts to the top of the key replacing him. This makes it tough for the defense to keep somebody in the hole to defend the roll guy. In this Wisconsin ball screen set after Frank Kaminsky sets the ball screen and begins to roll, the 4 man Nigel Hayes screens in for Kaminsky who flares to the wing. With Kaminsky’s man defending the ball screen and retreating quickly to get back to him, Hayes’ defender is in help side to pick up the rolling Kaminsky. Hayes is able to create a deep screening angle to pin Kaminsky’s defender in freeing him up for a wide open jump shot. This small variation was very effective as Kentucky’s bigs were more used to covering the traditional roll and replace action with Kaminsky rolling to the rim, and Hayes replacing him. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky Side On-Ball Sets

Kentucky Side On-Ball Sets

Kevin Bruinsma 05/02/2015

The first video clip is a simple side ball screen with a double screen on the weak side of the floor. The interesting thing about this action is the spacing UK uses on the weak side of the floor. The double screen is set just inside of the three-point line which is more commonly seen in NBA sets where defenses have to play tighter to their man due to everyone on the floor being able to make shots. Kentucky ends up getting a lay-up in the post out of this action as Wisconsin can’t over help with the double screen being right below the 3-point line. The second video clip is a ball screen set at the top of the key to an open side of the floor. If the guard can’t attack the open space he throws back to the popping 4 man who looks for his own shot. On his catch the 3 man that’s stacked up with the 5 man slams 5’s defender so 4 has a straight line pass to 5 sealing in the lane. The deep post catch forced Wisconsin to double down and left UK’s guard wide open for a 3-point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke On-Ball Back Screen

Duke On-Ball Back Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 04/24/2015

Duke ran this play to free up Winslow going to the rim and once the ball is reversed it turns into a post iso for him. Okafor screws the play up by not moving to the weak side block, but Duke ends up getting a basket on a post move from Winslow. If Okafor would have slid over to the opposite block and ducked his man in, Winslow would have had a lob dunk after the back screen from the point guard. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke Horns Cross Screen

Duke Horns Cross Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 04/22/2015

In the first Final Four game between Michigan State and Duke the Blue Devils ran this set successfully four straight times for baskets. The action was very simple as the horns set had a big cross screen right into a ball screen. Michigan State couldn’t guard this set in the first half and it led to Duke building a lead they would never lose. See More

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Basketball Play - Chin - Ball Screen

Chin - Ball Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 04/10/2015

Tied 11-11 early in the 2015 National Championship game, UConn ran this set to get Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis (The ALL TIME NCAA Women's Basketball Record Holder for 3FGM) an open look from 3 which she knocked down and UConn never trailed again on their way to a 10th NCAA National Championship. See More

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Basketball Play - RMU 2-3 Split Set

RMU 2-3 Split Set

Kevin Bruinsma 03/11/2015

Robert Morris just won the NEC Championship and a spot in the NCAA Tournament. Back on December 2, 2014 we made the short 50 minute drive to RMU to play at the Sewell Center. We ended up winning the game by a score of 89-81 after one of the most offensive efficient first halves of basketball i’ve ever seen as both teams shot over 62% from the field. The second half we went to more zone in attempt to slow them down, and it worked. One of their counters to our 2-3 zone defense was to screen in the top defenders of the zone allowing their guard to split the defense and get in the middle of the lane. See More

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Basketball Play - UWGB BLOB vs 2-3

UWGB BLOB vs 2-3

Kevin Bruinsma 03/07/2015

We had a chance this year to pull one of the bigger upsets in the Horizon League as we were leading Green Bay by ten points with under eight minutes to play. Green Bay ended up the season as the 2 seed in the conference tournament, and plays UIC tonight in the Horizon League Tournament Semi-Finals on ESPNU. Their PG #24 Keifer Sykes is their star player and has won league Player of the Year the past two seasons. Coming out of the media timeout down ten they ran this BLOB against us to get them back into the game and set up their press & 3-2 zone defense. They screened the bottom man of the zone so he couldn’t follow Sykes up to the elbow, and drifted their best shooter #12 Love to the far wing. When Sykes caught the ball it accounted for both of the defensive guards. He quickly reversed the ball to #12 Love and our top guard defender and bottom wing defender had to scramble to close out. The 5 on the reversal pass turns and seals the defensive center for an entry pass or rebounding position. This in my opinion gave them life, and was one of the biggest reasons they came back and beat us by 1. See More

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Basketball Play - UWM DHO Post Iso

UWM DHO Post Iso

Kevin Bruinsma 02/22/2015

This action is Milwaukee's favorite way to get the ball on the block to their 5 man. They can run this set out of transition or in a half court situation since the ball enters to a wing player thru a dribble handoff (DHO). Milwaukee has always had a 4 man that can shoot the ball, which makes the 4’s ball screen on the 2 man the first threat to this play. The 4 man pops to an empty side of the floor while the 1 cross screens for the 5 which occupies both defenders. If he can’t shoot the 3, he waits for 5 to come across the lane and throws it inside. It’s a fairly simple play to discuss, teach, & walk thru but difficult to defend especially if their 4 man is hitting shots. See More

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Basketball Play - WSU Gut Action

WSU Gut Action

Kevin Bruinsma 02/20/2015

After we beat Wright State at their place this past Sunday they turned around and played Oakland at home on Wednesday. Their roster has been depleted due to injuries and it’s forced them to run different stuff offensively. Against us they ran a ton of movement based stuff where their wings curled off big screens and just played out of it. With Oakland coming up on our schedule, next week Wednesday I looked at that game to see how they attacked them with their limited line-up. Wright State has a freshmen #13 Benzinger that has really emerged during their latest stretch mainly because of how well he shoots the ball. Him and their post player #14 Karena are their two top players so putting them in action together makes it difficult to defend. You can see in the video those two essentially play a two man game in the middle of the floor. Wright State did a good job of moving the other players around on the floor so the help side defenders couldn’t get settled in and move into gaps. See More

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Basketball Play - YSU vs UWGB 3-2 Zone D

YSU vs UWGB 3-2 Zone D

Kevin Bruinsma 02/14/2015

The turning point of our game on Wednesday Vs. Green Bay was when Green Bay went to their 3-2 zone defense. This is their defense they go to when they need to change momentum or they are on the ropes. Unfortunately for us down the stretch it did just that and they were able to come back and win the game. They attempted to go to it earlier in the second half and we had a set play ready for it. We executed it really well and got an open 3-pointer for our best shooter. Because of our preparation and execution we were able to pull them out of the 3-2 early in the second half. The play design gave our PG a screen forcing the corner guy of the zone to rotate up and play the ball. That then forced Green Bay's center to sprint out to the corner to guard our best shooter. We created a mis-match. See More

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Basketball Play - UIC Horns Screen-Screener

UIC Horns Screen-Screener

Kevin Bruinsma 02/11/2015

With Horns being such a popular set at all levels I thought I’d take a look at another action that UIC ran in their game at Milwaukee. They dribbled the point guard over to the wing and had him dribble off both 4 & 5 ball screens. Milwaukee tried to defend this in multiple ways which you will see in the video below. They tried to hedge it with the 5 man, and then they attempted to switch it. I thought this action was great to get your point guard off two ball screens, then get your 2 man coming off a screen the screener for a shot. See More

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