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About This Play/Drill

This action is Milwaukee's favorite way to get the ball on the block to their 5 man.  They can run this set out of transition or in a half court situation since the ball enters to a wing player thru a dribble handoff (DHO).  Milwaukee has always had a 4 man that can shoot the ball, which makes the 4’s ball screen on the 2 man the first threat to this play.  The 4 man pops to an empty side of the floor while the 1 cross screens for the 5 which occupies both defenders.  If he can’t shoot the 3, he waits for 5 to come across the lane and throws it inside.  It’s a fairly simple play to discuss, teach, & walk thru but difficult to defend especially if their 4 man is hitting shots.

  • Basketball Play - UWM DHO Post Iso
  • Basketball Play - UWM DHO Post Iso
  • Basketball Play - UWM DHO Post Iso
  • 1 dribbles at 2 for a dribble handoff.

  • 2 gets DHO then receives a ball screen from 4. 4 pops to wing. 2 looks to attack, if can't get to the rim throws back to 4. 1 after handing the ball of sprints to set cross screen on 5.

  • 4 enters the ball to 5 if he doesn't have a shot. 2 spaces the floor.