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Basketball Play - Pass Reversal Option

Pass Reversal Option

Randy Sherman 01/20/2015

The Oklahoma Sooners have one of the best transition attacks in college basketball. They often attack out of their primary break with either drives or threes. In their secondary action Oklahoma at times uses a pass to the trailing post as one of their options. That triggers this handoff into a baseline stagger. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns: 3/0 Basket Cuts

Motion Breakdowns: 3/0 Basket Cuts

Randy Sherman 02/05/2015

Drill #3 in motion offense teaching progression teaches players to maintain "top-side-side" spacing while cutting and passing. Take cuts all the way to the rim and fill with the dribble or pass. If you pass from wing to point and the other two spots are filled, cut and replace yourself. DON'T STAND! Maintain 15-18 feet spacing and top-side-side alingment (Mover-Blocker principle) (This is not all the possible movement and cutting actions, but a few of the basic principles.) See More

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