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About This Play/Drill

One of my favorite entries into a typical high-low short corner zone offense. Flare screen sets up a three-point opportunity after time out if needed. 

  • Basketball Play - Flip
  • Basketball Play - Flip
  • Basketball Play - Flip
  • Basketball Play - Flip
  • 1 drives at X1 - he wants to push him below the FT line with the drive.


    1 then turns and "flips" the ball to 3 looping behind, after the flip 1 moves to wing.


    2 is the desired shooter


    5 is positioned in the weakside short corner

  • 4 times a flare screen on X2 with the flip action


    3 looks for 2 coming off the flare screen for the shot

  • 2 reads the zone's reaction. He may take the open shot


    Most often X2 goes over the top of the flare. If so, 4 slips into high post


    The flare screen forces X4 to close out on 2. This frees 5 in the short corner.

  • From there you are in a typical hi-lo short corner zone offense