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Basketball Play - Pick & Roll Decision Making

Pick & Roll Decision Making

Michael Shaughnessy 08/17/2018

Great for group workouts forcing the players involved to communicate. Instead of just dictating who is shooting & passing, the ball-handler is forced to make a decision based off their teammates communication. Everyone involved in the drill is held accountable through every detail. The ball-handler has to come off with pace and use their eyes to see what's in front of them and their teammate before making a decision. The ball-handler's teammate has to be vocal and be shot ready. The drill will only go as smooth as the players communcation and togetherness. It forces them to take ownership as they must do when they get to the season. View: Mike Shaughnessy #FastModelTakeover - Twitter Moment See More

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Basketball Play - Don Showalter USA U16 3 Line Pick & Roll Drill

Don Showalter USA U16 3 Line Pick & Roll Drill

Wes Kosel 06/22/2015

In this drill, there are 3 lines (1 with guards, 1 with wings, and 1 with post players). A coach starts with the ball on the opposite wing. In option 1, the drill starts with G passing to W and then G cuts through to the opposite corner. P steps out to set a ball-screen for W. W drives into the lane and hits P on the roll. The coach passes to the G in the corner and the post player on the baseline passes to W. The drill ends with all 3 players getting a shot. In option 2, it starts the same except that W will pass to G in the corner, coach will pass to W, and the post player on the baseline will pass to the post rolling off of the screen to the short corner. See More

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Basketball Play - Pick & Roll Shooting Drill

Pick & Roll Shooting Drill

Kyle Gilreath 02/12/2015

This set of pick & roll shooting drills is one of my favorites for player development. There are 189 total moves below to work on different pick & roll coverages and methods of attack at the three most popular angles. In order to keep your workouts efficient and energetic, take just one action and focus on 3-4 moves within that action from all three angles. Do not allow your players to just go through the motions, set a goal to reach during each set. Example: You MUST make 7-10 before moving to the next sequence. See More

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Basketball Play - Valpo Pick & Roll

Valpo Pick & Roll

Kevin Bruinsma 01/31/2015

In a marquee Horizon League match-up earlier in the year Valparaiso made the trip to face Oakland. Trailing with under two minutes left in the game Valpo turned to a pick & roll action with movement out of both corners to occupy the low man away who traditionally covers the rim. By rolling up #25 Peters on the ball side it forced the Oakland defender to follow up, making the back side defenders sink in the middle. The pin down screen and space kept those defenders in defending action as opposed to getting into gaps. All of the movement out of both corners confused Oakland and led to a huge basket for Valpo. See More

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Basketball Play - Stagger Pick & Roll

Stagger Pick & Roll

Brandon Huntley 07/22/2013

Today's play is a Stagger Pick and Roll set used to give your team a few options against the defense. It is very important that your players see the floor as there will be three different options happening at once. Your best shooter should start with the ball at the top of the key. If you have post players who can shoot well from the outside, this play will use them as a decoy to open up the key on the pick and roll. See More

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Basketball Play - 1-Hand Pass Follow Pick & Roll

1-Hand Pass Follow Pick & Roll

Kyle Gilreath 07/19/2013

Teaching your players to effectively and efficiently pass with 1 hand will improve skills and power and become overall better passers. The key to this drill is teaching both passers how to catch the ball and obsorb the force into your hand like a spring and fire the pass back from the shoulder area. When setting the pick & roll/pop many coaches force their players to roll opening their chest up so they never turn their back to the ball. I like to give my players the option to roll either way depending on their comfort level. (turning over their low shoulder or opening up). I personally prefer the quick turn (instead of opening to the ball) because it is quicker and the screener can create more space more efficiently. If they choose to turn over their low shoulder make sure they do it quickly and snap their head around first to locate the ball. Today I had each player make 3 shots from each spot/move and then repeated the drill on the right side. See More

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Basketball Play - Hand Off with High Pick & Roll

Hand Off with High Pick & Roll

Basketball HQ 03/25/2013

With this play have your 5 man set the ball screen and you best shooting/passing big do the replacing. As your 5 rolls and your 4 replaces the 4's defender may stay in help defense allowing an open shot for him. Work with your bigs on walking their defender down after setting the ball screen and sealing as the pass is going to 4. This play is from the 2012-2013 Wisconsin Green Bay season. See More

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Basketball Play - 4 Short

4 Short

Alan Peel 01/10/2014

This play is designed to get a backdoor off of a middle pick and roll. We can either get a three-pointer from the point guard or get the back cut to the ball screener. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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