Valpo Pick & Roll - FastModel Sports

Published 01/31/2015 by Kevin Bruinsma Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

In a marquee Horizon League match-up earlier in the year Valparaiso made the trip to face Oakland.  Trailing with under two minutes left in the game Valpo turned to a pick & roll action with movement out of both corners to occupy the low man away who traditionally covers the rim.  By rolling up #25 Peters on the ball side it forced the Oakland defender to follow up, making the back side defenders sink in the middle.  The pin down screen and space kept those defenders in defending action as opposed to getting into gaps.  All of the movement out of both corners confused Oakland and led to a huge basket for Valpo.

  • Basketball Play - Valpo Pick & Roll

5 comes across the floor to set ball screen for 1. 5 rolls hard to the front of the rim. As 1 begins to use ball screen 2 sets a pin down screen for 3 who comes to wing. 2 pops to corner after his down screen. 4 rolls up to the wing removing the low man away defender. 1 has option to hit 5 rolling to rim, 4 replacing, or hit 3 or 2.