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Basketball Play - SPURS PnR Stagger For Neal

SPURS PnR Stagger For Neal

JP Clark 05/21/2012

Here's a quick hitter, from our friends at CoachingU, that was run by the Spurs in this year's NBA Playoffs, and appears in this week's CoachingU Newsletter. Add it to your FastDraw Library by clicking the 'Send to FastDraw' button below! The CoachingU Newsletter is delivered weekly and provides great coaching information and insight. If you aren't receiving it, you are really missing out. Sign up today! You can also follow @Coaching_U on Twitter. See More

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Basketball Play - Rosenthal: 2 Up

Rosenthal: 2 Up

Brandon Rosenthal 02/13/2012

Today's 'Post Up' from is a Horns set that gives you two great options to get the ball to the rim for a score. Send this to your FastDraw Playbook by clicking the 'Send to FastDraw' button below. You can also follow Coach Rosenthal on Twitter: @CoachRosenthal See More

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Basketball Play - Keene - Blur Screen BLOB

Keene - Blur Screen BLOB

Robert Payne 12/15/2018

Quick-hitting Horns BLOB set that uses a blur screen to get an open look at the rim. You get a blur screen-and-slip or a corner look, depending on how the defense plays the screen. Getting to 1.0 Latest post by @RadiusAthletics - don't be surprised if you learn something! — FastModel Sports® ð???ð??» (@FastModel) December 13, 2018 See More

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Basketball Play - Philadelphia 76ers - 25 Pop SLOB

Philadelphia 76ers - 25 Pop SLOB

Austin Anderson 05/04/2018

Philadelphia 76ers SLOB Action. Philly loves running regular actions out of SLOB looks. A majority of its SLOB's will start with a strong side back screen and a weak side pin to the top. In this action from there, Simmons gets them into their "Ear Tug" Series which looks a lot like "Horns". "Number-Number" tells you who is involved in the action. So for Ear Tug 25 Pop, the 2-5 are in action. Simmons comes off the 2 (Redick/Belinelli) and the 2 is flared by the 5 all the way out to the wing (Pop). Redick/Belinelli have the green light to shoot if they get open. Simmons then receives a RIP/Back screen from the 5 and clears. If the lob or dump down to Simmons is there, they will take it. Sequence ends with Embiid playing a 2-man game with Redick/Belinelli. See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs Shuffle-Stagger

San Antonio Spurs Shuffle-Stagger

Adam Spinella 05/10/2016

The shuffle-stagger is a common action in the NBA and in levels beneath it. The great part of a shuffle-stagger is having a wing post up for an advantage down low, and a shooter coming off a double stagger from the opposite corner to occupy the help defense. The difficulty of a shuffle-stagger action can be finding ways to reverse the ball when the defense knows it is coming and won't let the action develop. Coach Popovich and the Spurs have a strong way to get into the shuffle-stagger, almost out of a Horns formation. See More

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