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Basketball Play - Block Curls

Block Curls

Adam Spinella 07/27/2013

Jerry Sloan used to use this play in a BLOB situation to free up his shooters and create confusion amongst the defense. Because of the odd formation and amount of bodies in the paint as a result, Utah would get a free look from the periemter or catch a defender out of position in the paint trying to compensate for their team's poor defensive strategy. See More

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Basketball Play - "Split Post"

"Split Post"

Kyle Gilreath 07/08/2013

The Orlando Magic ran this action on versus the Boston Celtics during the 2013 Orlando Summer League. This is just another option out of the elbow set that I discussed several weeks ago! With the defense in helpside position (especially in high school in college where defensive 3 seconds is not a rule), this is a great action if you have bigger guards to duck and seal hard in the middle of the lane for a quick turn and finish. See More

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Basketball Play - Pacer Late Clock SLOB

Pacer Late Clock SLOB

Kevin Bruinsma 06/18/2013

Although this set didn't result in a basket or even free throws it forced a great defensive effort from the Miami Heat to stop the Pacers from scoring. This action puts a lot of pressure on the defense as they have to guard a mis direction cut by the 2, then the stagger iverson action for #24 Paul George who everyone thinks the play is going to, a flare screen for #21 David West, and then finally a slip/dive to the rim by #55 Roy Hibbert. This set had some fantastic actions. See More

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Basketball Play - Memphis Staggered Rip

Memphis Staggered Rip

Daniel Murphy 06/02/2013

Memphis ran this play at the 5:21 mark of their game three loss to the Spurs. This layup by Randolph put Memphis up by 11. The Spurs made two consecuctive defensive errors on this play. First, Randolph was doubled in the post leaving Gasol wide open at the free throw line. After Pondexter ball faked to the free throw line both Spurs guarding Randolph ran to the free throw line. Z-Bo was left unguarded on the block for the layup. Regardless of the Spurs defensive lapses, this is a good set involving screening to get the ball into the post. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Triple

Spurs Triple

Daniel Murphy 06/01/2013

The Spurs ran this at the 7:15 mark in the first quarter of their 104-93 game 3 win over Memphis. This is one of my favorite sets the Spurs run and it is very difficult to guard because the defender has to run off three screens and there are a variety of counters to each defensive adjustment. Often the 2 man comes offf 5's zipper screen but in this situation, 2 just cut to the top and 5 set the first of three screens. This play demonstrates just one option and read of many possibilities. The ending to this play was great because Memphis trapped the ball screen, Paker hit the pop man Duncan and then Duncan hit Paker on the backdoor cut. The unselfish ball movement by the Spurs is a great part of their offense. See More

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Basketball Play - OKC Horns

OKC Horns

Daniel Murphy 05/17/2013

Opening play by OKC in the 4th quarter of their 103-97 game 4 loss to Memphis. An effective screen by Fisher frees Durant up to catch the ball. A strong side drive by Durant draws three defenders and he passes to an open Martin in the corner. As you can see x3 plays inside Collison because x5 rotates to stop the drive. This defensive rotation frees up the highest percentage 3 point shot in the corner. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Loop Fist

Horns Loop Fist

Daniel Murphy 05/15/2013

Miami ran this play in their game 1 loss to the Bulls. Running Allen over the top of James and Anderson and having Miller spot up in the corner shifts the defense to the left. Noah got disconected from Anderson while helping on Wade coming off of the ball screen. x4 (Boozer) did not enter the lane because he had Mike Miller spotted up in the corner. Anderson was able to get deep post position inside of Boozer because the floor was spaced. NBA players are so good at the throw back pass off the ball screen x3 did not help on the roll man. This defensive rotation breakdown is not typical of Coach Thibodeaus team. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Heat Post Iso for Lebron James

Miami Heat Post Iso for Lebron James

Kyle Gilreath 05/11/2013

The Miami Heat ran this set Wednesday night in Game 2 and they also ran it this evening in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals versus the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls being one of the most defensive minded teams in the league, I was surprised they got caught on this same play a second time. As the defense quickly showed on the 3->4 screen, Lebron does a very good job with his footwork creating position on the block for an easy angle to post-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan Finishing

Michigan Finishing

Daniel Murphy 04/23/2013

Demonstrated by Michigan's John Beilein at a clinic. Great drill for first step explosion and finishing with contact and defensive pressure. 1 must explode past the defender in order to get 2 on his/her hip. Then finish strong at the rim. 2 should contest but not get in the habit of fouling. See More

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Basketball Play - "5"


Dana Beszczynski 04/07/2013

Andy Endfield has a lot of coaching influences, one of them being Rick Pitino and not only does he do a good job with their match-up zone and changing defensive looks, but also on the offense end being able to open the floor and use spacing properly to get players good looks to score. Here is a good high PNR action looking to hit the post man rolling in the lane See More

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Basketball Play - SFA Jacks

SFA Jacks

Dana Beszczynski 03/15/2013

Stephen F. Austin Head Coach Danny Kaspar is known as one of the best defensive teachers in the country, but this opening set run against Sam Houston State takes advantage of good spacing, excellent player movement, and has multiple options to get off a good shot SFA is 25-3 this season and 15-2 in Conference, an exciting team to watch who already has a win over Oklahoma to its credit See More

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Basketball Play - Hawk Go

Hawk Go

Kyle Gilreath 03/07/2013

Thursday evening on ESPN the Chicago Bulls ran this common NBA set. Versus a smart defensive team like the Spurs, you have to start pick & roll actions by freeing up the ball handlers with screening actions. By have 5 (Boozer) come off a Hawk cut to the rim, the Spurs were forced to respect him in the post and him give a second of help to prevent a post lay-up. This was just enough time to free up the 2 for a catch and then pick & pop with 4. See More

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Basketball Play - Memphis' Marc Gasol Elbow Series (Part 1)

Memphis' Marc Gasol Elbow Series (Part 1)

Mark Travis 02/13/2013

Marc Gasol is one of the truly underappreciated players in the league. He's a solid post-up player, a decent shooter, the best big man passer in the league (with his brother being a close second) and he may very well be the defensive player of the year in the NBA right now. Memphis' offense is a cramped, inconsistent and often times ineffective collaboration of players who shrink the floor in an era that thrives on spacing it. When things go well for the Grizzlies, it almost always has something to do with Marc Gasol making a play for his teammates. Gasol is deadly from the elbows, as that position on the floor gives him a perfect vantage point of the floor and allows him to distribute from a high-low perspective. Here is one way the Grizz utilize Gasol's skillset from that particular spot on the floor. See More

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