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About This Play/Drill

Drill stolen from Coach Bob Hurley of St. Anthony H.S.  He in turn got it from Dick Harter.  As a rule the player who defensive rebounds or takes the ball out of bounds after a score is on offense and the old offense always converts to defense.  This is similar to 11 man break or other 3-3 drills where the defense comes in from the sideline, but in my opinion is a little more practical because the defense had to convert from offense and is in a more realistic game scenario.  Many successful coaches believe transition defense is one of the top 3 skills a team must have.  As such, defensive transition should be drilled daily.  A note about drills-make sure to teach the skills you want.  Stopping the ball, protecting the basket, communicating, screening, passing, cuttining etc.  You can play this drill for a set amount of time ie. 8 minutes and keep score.  Depending on what you as a coach want to emphasize, points can be given or taken for offensive rebounds, turnovers etc.  Because it is 3-3 conversion, a short clock can be used to promote an aggressive offensive attack.  

  • Basketball Play - 3-3 Conversion
  • Basketball Play - 3-3 Conversion
  • Basketball Play - 3-3 Conversion
  • 1,2,3 play 3-3 vs x1, x2, x3

    Defensive player that rebounds or takes ball out of bounds outlets to x4 or x5

  • x,2, x5, x3 are now on offense

    1,2,3 are now on defense

    3 defensive rebounds

    3 outlets to 4 or 5

  • 3,4,5 now convert to offense

    x2, x5, and x5 who were just on offense now convert to defense