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About This Play/Drill

Dave Rose is one of the most respected Coach's in Division I today and has made BYU a yearly threat to reach the NCAA Tournament.

This play was run effectively at the start of the game as they get their 5 man Mika touches inside.

What makes this play so effective is the cut by Haws as if he curls over the top of the 5 man, x5 is forced to step off and help as there is no weak side defensive help on the open side.

The Cougars are also such a deadly outside shooting team with Haws who is the leading scorer in the WCC and 3rd in the nation.

  • Basketball Play - BYU Cougars Post 5
  • Basketball Play - BYU Cougars Post 5
  • 1 (Collinsworth - 5) passes to 3 (Haws - 3) coming off the pin down screen from 4 (Austin - 33)

    2 (Halford - 23) cuts baseline to the ball side corner
  • 3 (Haws - 3) cuts away after passing to the wing

    5 (Mika - 00) dives hard to the block on the ball side as 3 (Haws - 3) is cutting creating a help decision if he cuts over the top

    4 (Austin - 33) looks to make the post entry pass