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Basketball Play - Las Vegas Aces - Floppy High Low

Las Vegas Aces - Floppy High Low

Matt Wheeler 09/19/2019

The Las Vegas Aces like to play with two post players who are comfortable around the basket. This is one of their sets that they frequently run to get their posts in a high/low situation. The play starts in a floppy action with 2 cutting off the screen from 3 and 5 to receive the pass on the wing. In a typical "floppy" play, 3 would then cut to the other side of the court off a screen from 4. This time 3 cuts to the ball side corner. This clears the extra defender out of the area so the Aces can get a look in the post off the high/low. See video below. See More

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Basketball Play - Connecticut Sun - Dive PNR Runner

Connecticut Sun - Dive PNR Runner

Matt Wheeler 09/19/2019

Connecticut has a unique advantage with a 6'6" center, Jonquel Jones, as one of their better three-point shooters. This play starts out with Jones (5) diving to the basket as 1 dribbles at her. 1 then comes back to the left side of the floor off the ball screen from 4. 5 cuts to the corner off the baseline screen from 2. By having a perimeter player set the last screen, it forced a late switch, giving Jones the size advantage to get off the shot. See video clip below. See More

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Basketball Play - Australia - Rip STS

Australia - Rip STS

Matt Wheeler 09/11/2019

Australia opened their World Cup match against France with this play to get Patti Mills a shot. 2 starts the play by setting the back screen for 4. While this is happening, 3 cuts to the wing so his defender can't provide help on the possible lob pass to 4. 2 then cuts off the screen from 5 to get the ball on the wing. If 2 can't turn the corner right away for the shot, 5 follows to set a ball screen as the other players spread out along the perimeter for spacing. See More

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