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Basketball Play - Argentina - PNP Cross

Argentina - PNP Cross

Matt Wheeler 09/11/2019

Argentina ran this quick action to get the ball into the post early in their World Cup quarterfinal game against Serbia. 3 started the play by cutting to the opposite corner to create some movement. As 1 turned the corner on the ball screen, 5 was cutting to the basket off the cross screen from 2. Argentina's point guard, Facundo Campazzo put some pizzazz on the behind the back pass to get Marcos Delia the dunk. See video clip below. See More

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Basketball Play - Team USA - Swing DHO Floppy vs Zone

Team USA - Swing DHO Floppy vs Zone

Matt Wheeler 09/09/2019

Team USA basketball faced a zone defense for much of their game against Turkey in the FIBA World Cup. They were down 1 late in overtime and ran this play to get a shot for Joe Harris (3) off of some movement. This is a common play that Gregg Popovich uses with the Spurs against man defense. They made some adjustments to run this as an effective play against Turkey's 2-3 zone defense. 1 reversed the ball to 5. Then 5 went into a dribble handoff with 2. but didn't need to set a good screen on x2. This allowed x2 to get through the screen and shift out of the wing area to matchup with 2 up top. 5 then screened x4 on the outside of the zone to get 3 open. This essentially forced Turkey to matchup man to man with x4 having to guard 3. x4 trailed on the screen and 3 was able to turn the corner on the catch and drive to the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - CSKA Moscow - STS Clear Out BLOB

CSKA Moscow - STS Clear Out BLOB

Kostas Kalogeropoulos 07/26/2019

Simple and effective BLOB ean by CSKA Moscow head coach Dimitris Itoudis during the 2018-19 EuroLeague season. After getting open at the wing through a screen from 5, 2 waits until 1 clears out, faking going to take the ball after 5's screen. Then the lane is cleared for 2 to attack the basket (left hand drive). Blog Posts: EuroLeague BLOBs and SLOBs CSKA Moscow - Early Offense Breakdown See More

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