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Basketball Play - VCU Ball Screen

VCU Ball Screen

Andrew Greer 03/19/2015

VCU used this ball screen action late in their loss to Ohio State in Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament. VCU got the look they were looking for with 3 shooters spread around the perimeter but due to a bad pass and off balance shot they did not score. VCU gave Ohio State trouble the entire game using similar actions to get their guards paint touches. See More

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Basketball Play - Tulsa Box Double Ball Screen

Tulsa Box Double Ball Screen

Wes Kosel 05/11/2015

The players are set up in a box set with the posts at the elbows. Both 5 and 4 screen down for 3 and 2 at the blocks. 1 passes to 2 on the right wing then cuts off of a screen from 5 at the elbow to the opposite corner. 5 then flashes to the high post to get the pass from 2. If 5 isn't open, 5 and 4 step out to set a double ball-screen on the wing. 2 drives middle looking to score, pass off to 5 rolling, or kick out to 1 in the corner. See More

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