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Basketball Play - UNC


Andrew Lacey 02/19/2015

One of the toughest actions to cover in high school basketball is staggered screens. In this 1-4 high set we set two different sets staggered screens looking for mismatches or defenders that trail our cutters. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs 31 Hawk

Spurs 31 Hawk

Adam Spinella 04/16/2017

A staple of the Popovich playbook, the Hawk action is code for a side ballscreen occuring at the same time as a double stagger on the opposite side. It's a ballscreen that occupies help. In recent years the Spurs have run it with Kawhi Leonard as the ball screener, hoping he can pick-and-pop and isolate off of it. See More

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Basketball Play - "Rhody"


Kyle Gilreath 12/06/2013

Halfway through the 2nd half of their loss to UCONN, Florida head coach Billy Donovan called out this play to PG Scottie Wilbekin to get his Gators to run some offense for multiple looks. If you follow the Gators or Coach Donovan, you know he is one of the best at teaching and executing continuity offense. While they frequently run baseline runner/rhody actions, I love this new addition to his playbook. There are multiple scoring opportunities to attack any defensive adjustments in this action. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Quick

5 Quick

Kyle Gilreath 12/10/2013

If you are looking for some hi-lo plays for your team, spend some time watching the Bill Self's Kansas Jayhawks. He does a tremendous job putting his players into positions to create mismatches and seals and allow for simple hi-lo play. The Jayhawks ran this post-up action for Jeff Withey in the 2012 Final Four. To see EVERY play Kansas ran in the 2012 Final Four you can do so in my eBook Championship Execution! See More

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Basketball Play - Charger


Rich Czeslawski 06/06/2012

Charger begins in a 1-4 high set. The 1 will enter to either 2 or 3. When the pass is made, the 1 will "UCLA" cut off the post at the elbow on his side, moving through to the block. 2/3 should pass to 1 for the layup if open. 3 cuts away to set his man up for reversal. 4 slides middle for a high cut and reversal from 2. 2 reverses the ball to 4, who has SEALED his defender with his foot to get open at the top of the key. 4 immediately reverses the ball to 3 who has made an "L" cut to get open at the opposite wing. On the reversal, 1 steps out to set a backpick for 2. 3 looks to 2 for a layup off the flex screen by 1. 3 should pass to 1 for the layup if open (unless the game situation determines that a three point basket is needed!). 4 and 5 position themselves to set a staggered double screen for the screener, 1. 3 looks to 1 for the open three point shot if open. 2 must widen to the corner if he has not received the pass. If x5 "shows" on the staggered double screen, 5 must be ready to "slip" immediately to the front of the rim for the layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Up X

Up X

Rich Czeslawski 08/09/2012

Up X can be run either way. In our diagram, 1 dribbles to the right lane line extended. 4 L cuts and steps out to receive the pass from 1. 1 cuts off 5's UCLA screen to the rim. 4 passes to 1 if open. If 1 is not open, the ball is passed to 5, the screener, right away. After 4 passes to 5, he fakes a screen away for 3. 1 steps out and sets a back pick for 2. 5 should pass to 2 if open for a layup. Usually 2 is not open. The ball should be passed immediately from 5 to 1. 2 continues his cut across the lane and back picks for 4, who cuts to the ball side block for a layup. As 2 sets the screen for 4, 5 screens down on X2. 2 then comes off 5's screen to the top of the key for a three point shot. 3 must cut away to occupy his weak side defender. 1 passes to 4 for the layup or 2 for the three point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Pinch-Double for Best Shooter

Pinch-Double for Best Shooter

Luke Riegel 09/20/2012

This half-court set is a great play if you need a 3-pointer at the end of a game or out of a timeout. The pinch-double screen is a great way to free up your best shooter because its screening action that a lot of defenses don't prepare for regularly. It's important that your 4 and 5 come together shoulder to shoulder along the FT line. See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs WCF Sets

San Antonio Spurs WCF Sets

Kevin Bruinsma 05/31/2013

Here is the best stuff from the San Antonio Spurs in their 4-0 series sweep over the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference Finals. There are quite a few plays as I wanted to be able to give you the Spurs playbook of their most successful actions and offensive sets. To best enjoy and learn from these play diagrams I recommend that you watch the video which is linked below as all of the diagrams are listed in order with the video clips. See More

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