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Basketball Play - Wedge Ballscreen

Wedge Ballscreen

Adam Spinella 02/25/2015

Increasingly at the collegiate and even high school levels, teams are running ball screen sets. As the postseason nears and high level teams remain, offenses must be prepared for all different styles of defensive play. Some nuanced defensive teams will throw a counter to good ball screen offenses – known as icing. Icing a ball screen occurs on side ball screens, where the man guarding the ball squares his shoulders to the sideline and does not let the ball go middle. The man guarding the screener does not hedge the screen, instead being ready to contain the ball as it gets driven towards the baseline. He contains, the original defender recovers and the man guarding the screener is in position to take away any rolls to the rim. The most obvious counter to icing a ball screen is hitting the pick-and-pop game, since coverage on the screener is non-existent at the moment the ball gets driven baseline. After that, teams adjust to set alley screens which lead the ball handler to the baseline. However, coaches of ball screen-heavy offenses may consider putting in a counter during the postseason. This play is one run by many NBA teams to stop a team from icing their ball screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Billy Donovan Florida Gators Ball-Screen Motion (2 plays)

Billy Donovan Florida Gators Ball-Screen Motion (2 plays)

Scott Peterman 02/24/2015

Billy Donovan has coached teams to the peak of college basketball’s mountaintop. Coach Billy Donovan has reached Four Final Fours, two national championships, a perfect 18-0 conference regular season, six Southeastern Conference tournament titles and 16-straight 20-win seasons. He’s made Florida basketball a millennial powerhouse on the national level and he did it all at a football school. Now, he sits on the doorstep of yet another achievement after coaching his 499th victory Wednesday night against Vanderbilt. Coach Billy Donovan runs Ball Screen Motion Offense that moves the ball and gets shot attempts near the basket and the three point line. Coach Donovan goes for #500 wins against Missouri tonight. You should check it out. If you liked the Billy Donovan Florida Gators Offense then you should check out my website: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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Basketball Play - Rick Pitino Louisville Cardinals 2-1-2 Offense - Double Back-Screen

Rick Pitino Louisville Cardinals 2-1-2 Offense - Double Back-Screen

Scott Peterman 02/24/2015

Rick Pitino believes in ball movement and spacing. His Lousiville Cardinal offense will change based on the available talent. If it's a good passing team then they will have more motion. He thinks that an effective coach will be prepared both offensively and defensively. Coach Rick Pitino thinks that you should improve your players and help them reach their potential. The big thing is that you have to understand how to win and lose..... plus understand team chemistry. If you really like Rick Pitino's Louisville Cardinal Offense then you need to check out our website: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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Basketball Play - UWM DHO Post Iso

UWM DHO Post Iso

Kevin Bruinsma 02/22/2015

This action is Milwaukee's favorite way to get the ball on the block to their 5 man. They can run this set out of transition or in a half court situation since the ball enters to a wing player thru a dribble handoff (DHO). Milwaukee has always had a 4 man that can shoot the ball, which makes the 4’s ball screen on the 2 man the first threat to this play. The 4 man pops to an empty side of the floor while the 1 cross screens for the 5 which occupies both defenders. If he can’t shoot the 3, he waits for 5 to come across the lane and throws it inside. It’s a fairly simple play to discuss, teach, & walk thru but difficult to defend especially if their 4 man is hitting shots. See More

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Basketball Play - WSU Gut Action

WSU Gut Action

Kevin Bruinsma 02/20/2015

After we beat Wright State at their place this past Sunday they turned around and played Oakland at home on Wednesday. Their roster has been depleted due to injuries and it’s forced them to run different stuff offensively. Against us they ran a ton of movement based stuff where their wings curled off big screens and just played out of it. With Oakland coming up on our schedule, next week Wednesday I looked at that game to see how they attacked them with their limited line-up. Wright State has a freshmen #13 Benzinger that has really emerged during their latest stretch mainly because of how well he shoots the ball. Him and their post player #14 Karena are their two top players so putting them in action together makes it difficult to defend. You can see in the video those two essentially play a two man game in the middle of the floor. Wright State did a good job of moving the other players around on the floor so the help side defenders couldn’t get settled in and move into gaps. See More

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Basketball Play - UNC


Andrew Lacey 02/19/2015

One of the toughest actions to cover in high school basketball is staggered screens. In this 1-4 high set we set two different sets staggered screens looking for mismatches or defenders that trail our cutters. See More

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