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Basketball Play - Horns post flare

Horns post flare

null null 01/16/2015

This is a set that gets a flare screen for a post player. A nice play to run in transition or at the end of the games if you need a quick score. The play starts with a dribble handoff and ballscreen. The play ends with a flare for your shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Hook

Zipper Hook

Kyle Gilreath 01/14/2015

The New Orleans Pelicans ran this play several nights ago to get Anthony Davis (5) screened into a spread pick & roll. Most NBA teams run this action with a single (or sometimes double as pictured) weakside pin-down for a catch & shoot at the elbow/slot area. I really like how the Pelicans turned this action into a screen the screener for Davis. The staggers, along with spacing Ryan Anderson (3) wide, caused the coverage on the pick & roll to be late and eliminating any help defenders in the paint for a easy pick & roll dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - Olympiacos Handoff

Olympiacos Handoff

Fabian McKenzie 01/13/2015

5 pops to catch pass from 1 1 passes to 5 and slowly cuts inside 2 begins to sprint out of corner 5 initiates a dribble handoff with 2 1 turns to prepare for screen 4 steps up to set ball screen 2 receives handoff and blasts off of ball screen set by 4 3 cuts up to wing to receive pass from 2 After 5 hands off to 2, 1 sets a diagonal screen sending 5 to the rim See More

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Basketball Play - Pistons SOG

Pistons SOG

Craig LeVasseur 01/13/2015

This is a Stan Van Gundy play that the Detroit Pistons have been running frequently to start the game during their run of victories. It is perfect against a team that shows against side pick and rolls, and they used it last night against the Raptors. Brandon Jennings came off the screen hard looking to score and was rewarded with a floater in the paint. See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle #2 - lag pass / pinch post

Triangle #2 - lag pass / pinch post

null null 01/08/2015

The lag pass or floor reversal option is a staple in the triangle offense. If the first post up option is not open, reverse and look for the pinch post. Coaches can get creative on the actions they want to run. Dribble handoffs, isolations, and pick and rolls all can be incorported. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Carmelo Anthony all have had success in the pinch post See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle #1 - post feed

Triangle #1 - post feed

null null 01/08/2015

This triangle action post feed is a very basic play in the triangle offense. I watched this then took notes. This is the first of 4 basic plays of the offense. This play can be used on any post feed from either side. The Jordan Bulls, and Kobe / Shaq Lakers ran this very well. The 2014-15 Derek Fisher Knicks also use this post entry look. The Steve Kerr Warriors use multiple post entry looks See More

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Basketball Play - Elbow Pin Elevator

Elbow Pin Elevator

Kyle Gilreath 01/08/2015

This is another play Billy Donovan ran last night in their victory over South Carolina. While the emphasis of this play is to get 3 a shot via the elevator screen, there is also an inside opportunity as well. By placing Finney-Smith at the 3, this game the Gators a bigger target inside off the initial pin-down action. Furthermore, with so much attention at the FT-line area, this is also a great opportunity for 1 to ball fake and drive baseline to the rim with the only help defender being X2. See More

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