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Basketball Play - Kentucky- Horns Spread

Kentucky- Horns Spread

Jake Presutti 04/09/2014

Kentucky ran this set in their matchup with Connecticut in the National Championship. This was the first play of the 2nd half and cut the UCONN lead to one. The play is made by Julius Randle who drives hard from the perimeter to draw the defense and make a pass for 3pt shot. Aaron Harrison does a great job circling from the corner to the wing for a 3pt shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Rhody Double

Rhody Double

Kyle Gilreath 04/07/2014

In the winding minutes of Louisville's 2014 Sweet 16 game vs the Kentucky Wildcats, the Cardinals ran this play to put the ball in Russ Smith's (2) hands and get him attacking the rim. To see EVERY play Louisville ran in the 2012 and 2013 Final Four you can do so in my eBook Championship Execution! See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan Triangle Ball Screen

Michigan Triangle Ball Screen

Trevor Daugherty 04/07/2014

Michigan ran this triangle set often during NCAA Tournament, particularly early in games. The motion creates a lot of movement, and ends with the ball in your best player's hands. The ball screen typically involved Stauskas (2) and Morgan (5). Because of the attention Stauskas gets, it often resulted in an open lane for Morgan to slip, because of the spacing it is difficult for the defense to leave good shooters. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Power

Horns Power

Kyle Gilreath 04/05/2014

Florida’s Center Patric Young had a frustrating performance in the Gators’ Sweet 16 win over UCLA. Billy Donovan opened up their 2014 Elite 8 matchup with Dayton running this Horns set to get Young going early in the game. Florida was unable to get the ball to Young, but did score off a rim attack. See More

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Basketball Play - Hook Step-Up

Hook Step-Up

Kyle Gilreath 04/04/2014

Florida's Billy Donovan has put in this new pick & roll set during the post-season to space the floor out for an effective side step-up pick & roll action. In this play, usually Frazier II (2) is being shadowed in the corner after screening 5 into the pick, thus X2 isn't fully on help-side. This gives 5 an open lane to roll hard to the rim. If Finney-Smith is in the game at the 4 spot and X4 decides to sink into the lane to momentarily help, 1 has the option to also quick throwback to 4 for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa State- Elbow Handoff

Iowa State- Elbow Handoff

Jake Presutti 04/04/2014

Iowa State ran this quick hitter in their NCAA Tournament win against North Carolina. Iowa State starts out in an elbow set, the point guard DeAndre Kane passes to the 4 (Melvin Ejim) on the elbow. After making the pass, Kane goes with the 5 to set a double screen for the 2 (Matt Thomas) in the corner. Thomas goes into handoff with Ejim at the elbow and looks to shoot 3pt shot. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Floppy

UCLA Floppy

Kyle Gilreath 04/04/2014

In the 1st half of their 2014 Sweet 16 matchup with Michigan, the Tennessee volunteers ran this floppy action to get a lay-up at the rim. 1 curled the stagger and was able to get into the rim on the bounce and finish for an and-1. If 1 isn’t able to curl into the lane, a third option is to feed Stokes (5) ducking in hard on the block after screening. See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan State- Elbow Ball Screen

Michigan State- Elbow Ball Screen

Jake Presutti 04/03/2014

Michigan State ran this Elbow Ball Screen set in their win against Harvard in the NCAA Tournament. The first option of the set is guard Gary Harris coming off down screen. The next option is Denzel Valentine who comes off a backscreen, looking for a pass at the basket. The final option is a ball screen where the 4 (Branden Dawson) sets a high ball screen for Gary Harris. Dawson rolls automatically to the basket but its up to Harris to drag the screen until Dawson is open at the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Baseline Pop

Baseline Pop

Kyle Gilreath 04/03/2014

The Florida Gators opened their 2014 Sweet 16 matchup vs UCLA running this half-court set. During the first weekend of the NCAA tournament the Gators frequented their baseline screening series, thus a perfect time to throw a wrinkle into it would be the opening play of their next game. By popping 4 to the wing and rolling 3 out for a throwback, this isolated Young (5) rolling and prevented most of the help from being in the paint. See More

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Basketball Play - UVA Chest Set Play vs M2M

UVA Chest Set Play vs M2M

Dana Beszczynski 04/02/2014

The Virginia Cavaliers are peaking at the right time and their run in the NCAA Tournament is going too be one too watch. Head Coach Tony Bennett comes from a strong coaching pedigree. This set play is run out of Transition and has the similar set-up to their Blocker Mover Offensive pattern. There are multiple scoring options off this set and the movement, spacing and timing are impeccable. See More

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