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Basketball Play - 45 Hook Twist

45 Hook Twist

Kyle Gilreath 12/25/2014

During Christmas Day action, the Washington Wizards ran this excellent twist pick & roll action that freed up Wall for an easy mid-range jumper. Having two shooters spaced in each corner opened up the middle alley and allowed Wall & company to run this play very efficiently. See More

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Basketball Play - Pistol


Justin Scanson 12/24/2014

This is a great set to run out of transition or dribble drive. 1 can pass the ball up to the wing or dribble handoff to 2. 4 trails directly in to set an on ball. This is hard to guard for x2 who is managing a dribble handoff, traffic from 1 and x1 and then an on ball screen from 4. See More

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Basketball Play - Rhody Again

Rhody Again

Kyle Gilreath 12/17/2014

Tom Izzo's Spartans ran this play Sunday night in their game vs Oakland. What I love about this plays is that there is a scoring option for all five players within the sequence. Options: 2 is able to curl and get into the lane on the initial catch Hand-off to 1 for a lay-up Catch & shoot for 3 (OR pass to 5 if he slips to the rim and X5 over-helps) Throwback to 4 for a shot Throwback to 4 for a post feed to 5 See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle #1

Triangle #1

Randy Brown 12/12/2014

This is the first option from the insdie triangle set. 1 dribbles to right wing, pushing 3 through the lane to cross screen for 5. As 5 posts up 4 down screens for 3. 3 cuts to top and catches from 1 and reverses to 2. 4 turns and posts on the left side of the basket for scoring opportunity in paint. See More

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Basketball Play - Thumb Series

Thumb Series

Craig LeVasseur 12/09/2014

This is one of my favorite sets from the 13-14 season, and is a staple of the Trailblazers' offense. Very similar to Rick Carlisle's "Get" series from the championship Mavericks team, this set creates multiple scoring looks for each of the Blazers' offensive weapons, and can be modified to highlight any player within the offense. Below are 3 options within the set: Thumb Up, Thumb Fist, and Thumb Punch. Thumb Up creates catch & shoot opportunities for Matthews and Batum, Thumb Fist puts Aldridge and Lillard in a pick and pop situation, and Thumb Punch creates a post scoring opportunity for Aldridge. See More

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Basketball Play - Rhody Elevator

Rhody Elevator

Kyle Gilreath 12/03/2014

This Rhody option is one to run as a quick hitter in a Need 3 situation. Once again it is essential that 2 cuts shoulder to shoulder off the screens from 5 and 4 to encourage X5 and X4 to become occupied with the cut that they do not see the elevator action coming. Furthermore, if X5 sniffs out the play and tries to deny the pass to 3, slip 5 to the rim for a lay-up (If you don't need a 3 pointer). See More

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