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Basketball Play - Indiana Pacers - Quick 2 Flare Mid SLOB

Indiana Pacers - Quick 2 Flare Mid SLOB

Matt Barnthouse 10/31/2018

The mid-range game isn't exactly "en vogue" for early offense, but if you have the personnel, like the Pacers do with Victor Oladipo it isn't always a terrible option. They utilize Myles Turner's wide body to set an off ball screen and free up Oladipo for a catch and shoot opportunity against the Bulls in a preseason game on October 10th. This also can be used in a late game situation should your team need only need 2. It's quick, it's simple, and when executed well, it creates space. See More

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Basketball Play - VCU - Tranisiton Swing Blur

VCU - Tranisiton Swing Blur

null null 09/26/2018

The blur screen is an effective way to create a double gap in the defense. The pass and cut movement can create a temporary window for the basketball to attack into the heart of the defense. During the Shaka Smart years at Virginia Commenwealth, he used the blur screen as a secondary transition action. Once the ball is swung from slot to slot, the trailer then passes to the wing followed by a cut to ball side corner. This cutting action now opens a temporary double gap for the basketball to attack the elbow. See video below! Further studying: Creating with Blur Screens See More

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Basketball Play - Toledo Rockets - Horns Floppy

Toledo Rockets - Horns Floppy

Dave Nedbalek 08/26/2018

The University of Toledo men's team runs some phenomenal action under Head Coach Tod Kowalczyk. They are one of the most "set-driven" teams in the country. Out of 1,640 FGA in the 2017-2018 season, only 196 were in transition. This diagram isn't 100% accurate to the formation/timing of the video clip below, but you can easlily see where my adaptations come from. I generally like to allow clips or actions to get my creativity flowing. When I see initial action that I really like, I will often build a 'series' of sets around that particular action. Check out my counters of this action: Horns Floppy: Spain PNR Counter Horns Floppy: Double Stagger Counter This is a great set with some very quick decisions to be made by the defense. As you can see the end of result of this set is not a basket, and to be honest it isn't particulary great execution or spacing, but you can most certainly see the potential of this set. I am a huge fan of the floppy action, not so much for the guard coming off, but for the great sealing position the screener should be in. These are great opportunities to screen with bigger guards that can exploit mismatches as well. Click here for more plays by Dave Nedbalek! See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Out Motion Offense: Middle Push Reads

5 Out Motion Offense: Middle Push Reads

KJ Smith 08/14/2018

The following reads are made in both the primary and secondary break. They can be the building blocks of an entire offensive system while developing the IQ and skill sets of your players. Circle: Corner player cuts to the rim as the wing player fades towards the corner for a shot. Drop: Wing player dives to the rim as the corner player lifts up to the wing for a shot. Down: Wing down screen towrads the corner where that player may fill up to the rim for a shot as well as curl or backdoor cut to the rim. The screener will either slip to the rim or pop out to the perimeter. Up: Corner lifts up to flare screen for the wing before slipping to the basket. The cutter may also curl to the rim. If the flare screener does not slip to the basket, they may sprint to the ball for a dribble handoff. See More

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