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Basketball Play - France - False Drag Pistol

France - False Drag Pistol

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 08/05/2018

France use a false drag screen in early offense to loosen pressure on the PG, who then enters DHO with 3. 5 times the PNR for pistol action (DHO into PNR). 4 clears to the weak side corner and 3 lifts to the wing. 4 also has the option of flare and hammer screens. More from Diccon: The Evolution of Spain PNR in International Basketball See More

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Basketball Play - PG Post Up

PG Post Up

Randy Sherman 07/13/2018

"Sometimes your best 'post' is not a 'post' at all..." This #EarlyOffense option flows out of a DHO and gets a guard cutting into the post area. Player 1 can facilitate or score from this area after establishing T-Post Position. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets - Early Drag Options

Houston Rockets - Early Drag Options

Austin Anderson 05/28/2018

Houston is at its best when it is able to control tempo and score quickly. Every NBA team utilizes the drag ball screen in early offense. Harden, Paul and Gordon are very good at getting into the paint and creating. Harden is very good at creating contact and finding Capela on lobs. Paul is especially good at waiting to the very last moment to make the right play. Early Drags create penetration, kickout 3's and lob opportunities. This action sticks to what Houston wants to do.... 3PA and layups. See More

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