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Basketball Play - Memphis' Marc Gasol Elbow Series (Part 1)

Memphis' Marc Gasol Elbow Series (Part 1)

Mark Travis 02/13/2013

Marc Gasol is one of the truly underappreciated players in the league. He's a solid post-up player, a decent shooter, the best big man passer in the league (with his brother being a close second) and he may very well be the defensive player of the year in the NBA right now. Memphis' offense is a cramped, inconsistent and often times ineffective collaboration of players who shrink the floor in an era that thrives on spacing it. When things go well for the Grizzlies, it almost always has something to do with Marc Gasol making a play for his teammates. Gasol is deadly from the elbows, as that position on the floor gives him a perfect vantage point of the floor and allows him to distribute from a high-low perspective. Here is one way the Grizz utilize Gasol's skillset from that particular spot on the floor. See More

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Basketball Play - SLOB - Back Screen with Hand Off

SLOB - Back Screen with Hand Off

Basketball HQ 02/08/2013

This is a good SLOB play with multiple options and reads. You want to have your best guard taking the ball out that way he has the option to cut off the back screen or refuse the back screen and get a hand off. Once you have burned the team off of the back screen you have the counter action to have the guard taking the ball out of bounds to use the hand off with the same weakside flare action. See More

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Basketball Play - Portland's 34 Horns Loop

Portland's 34 Horns Loop

Mark Travis 01/29/2013

The Portland Trail Blazers have one of the least productive benches in the history of basketball, but the Blazers are still in the playoff picture in the Western Conference because of how well head coach Terry Stotts manages his line-ups. Ronnie Price, Will Barton and Meyers Leonard is not a strong offensive trio, but Stotts stacks his rotation so that LaMarcus Aldridge and Nicolas Batum can help this line-up produce offensively. Aldridge and Batum are two very versatile forwards, and you can see in this play how their skillsets bring an otherwise poor second unit to life. Video of the play here. See More

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