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Basketball Play - Michigan Wolverines - Deep Corner

Michigan Wolverines - Deep Corner

Tony Miller 01/27/2021

Coach Tony Miller uses the FastDraw play diagramming program to break down this set and why it’s so effective for Juwan Howard’s Wolverines in the latest Chalk Talk video below! Download this play directly to your FastDraw library by clicking the button above. Full Chalk Talk playlist on YouTube More Michigan Wolverines XsOs Follow Coach Miller on Twitter View Coach Miller's Playbank page for more plays & drills Get FastDraw (new subscribers use code SAVE10 for discount) More content from FMS #XsOs #FastDraw #TeamFastModel #FastModelFamily See More

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Basketball Play - Gretzky (v. 2-3 Zone)

Gretzky (v. 2-3 Zone)

Kamil Chmielewski 02/11/2020

-Best Shooter on weak-side Corner (3) -Second Best Shooter on block (2) -Best Finisher on weak-side elbow (4) -Great Finisher on strong-side elbow (5) -Best passer take ball out of bounds - 2 cuts to the corner and draws x4 - 3 cuts to the corner and tries to draw x3 -4 cuts across the key and is usually open for a layup cause he has forward momentum and is hard to stop -5 rub cuts off the back of 4 -x3 is forced to play 5 or 3 (pick your poison) - The formation ends up being a 4v3 on the baseline. - The play works 1-2 times until they start clogging the blocks, then we got 3's See More

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