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Basketball Play - Baseline Screens 2

Baseline Screens 2

Scott Peterman 08/31/2012

Today's post from Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop is a Baseline screen action that got the University of Kentucky into their Dribble Drive Offense. Even if you don't run dribble drive motion offense, it's a great set play to get space going to the basket. I think that you will like it. See More

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Basketball Play - Backscreen Action

Backscreen Action

Scott Peterman 09/01/2012

Here is a back screen action play from the University of Kentucky provided by Men's Basketball HoopScoop. It has great backscreen action in it to spread the floor out for your point guard to attack. There are two options at the end for your point guard also. I think that you will enjoy. See More

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Basketball Play - 14 Push vs 2-3

14 Push vs 2-3

FastModel Sports 09/01/2012

1 dribbles to top pushing 4 to a basket cut and out to opposite block. 1 passes to 3 on the wing. 5 sets a ball screen for 3 attacking the middle of the zone as 4 loops under the basket and 1 sits in a gap. 3 looks for 4 looping under the zone, 5 rolling to weak side short corner, or 1 and 2 spotting up to shoot. See More

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Basketball Play - Pick and Pick Offense

Pick and Pick Offense

Greg White 09/06/2012

The Pick and Pick Offense is a creation of adding ball screens and additional screens while using the layers established by the Read and React Offense. It is an offensive system I feel can be used as a continuity or a set play. Learn more about it at See More

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