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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Wedge Step Up Ball Screen

Boston Celtics - Wedge Step Up Ball Screen

Austin Anderson 05/23/2018

In the NBA, wedge ball screens and step up screens are used frequently. A "wedge" is a simple action designed to create separation running into the ball screen. This action keeps the defense moving and uses both sides of the court. Once the step up occurs, there will be drive/kick opportunities, pick/roll, and pick/pop opportunities. Boston perimeter players are very patient when attacking off ball screens and look to make the right play. FMS Blog: Boston Celtics - Spread Ball Screen Offense See More

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Basketball Play - Euro Ball Screen Shooting

Euro Ball Screen Shooting

Zachary Weir 01/09/2020

Ball Screen Shooting drill to get shooting, and passing reps using the actions in a euro ball screen continuity offense or side ball screens. Several different actions and progressions can be implemented into the drill. This is a great drill to set a time and have teams compete as well as get some conditioning. See More

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Basketball Play - Side Ball Screen Shooting Drill

Side Ball Screen Shooting Drill

Zachary Weir 05/12/2022

Great ball screen shooting drill utilizing a shooting machine. Several different variations of shots, passes, and moves can be used to get great reps using a side ball screen. Add time and score for a competitive, conditioning aspect to this drill. A defender can also be added on the ball handler, screener or both to add a decision making element to this drill. Some examples of progressions/skills to rep: - hook pass - pocket pass - reverse pivot and pass and more - ball handler can use a live dribble or a move out of his/her pivot Defender/Decion making progression : - both defeners trap - ballhandlers defener goes under - Hard Hedge by the screeners defender See More

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Basketball Play - Los Angeles Lakers - Fake PNR Double Off Ball Screen

Los Angeles Lakers - Fake PNR Double Off Ball Screen

Matt Barnthouse 12/19/2018

This is a play that has many moving parts, and is great for a team that loves setting screens. The Lakers used this to get an open look for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. It starts with what looks like a basic pick and roll with LeBron James and Tyson Chandler. Then, Chandler turns his roll into an elevator screen for Caldwell-Pope, who then executes a give-and-go with James into an off-ball screen and flare screen that opens up a 3pt opportunity on the catch. For this to work, you need guards and forwards willing to sacrifice their bodies to make plays. It pays off, even if the spacing can get wonky at times. Also as a note: you don't necessarily need a "LeBron James" to make this play work. The 1 and the 3 are easily interchangeable. James just happened to be playing the 3 when he was the ball-handler on this play. Click for more plays and drills from Matt Barnthouse! See More

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