Floppy Drop - FastModel Sports

Published 09/04/2015 by Cody Toppert Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Our Floppy Drop is a great way to take advantage of a good post up guard.  As the activated player uses the double pin down from the PF and SF the C flashes to the elbow.  The PF then clears to the weak side corner, the SG settles on the wing while the PG hits the 5 at the elbow.  The SF remains in the low post and looks to find deep postposition for a drop pass or easy score in the paint.  This is especially effective when you have a height and strength advantage at the SF position.

  • Basketball Play - Floppy Drop
  • Basketball Play - Floppy Drop
  • 2 uses the staggered screen from the 3 and 4. As 2 uses the screen 3 sets, at the same time the 5 flashes to the elbow and 3 then seals his defender.

  • 4 clears to the corner and the 5 makes the entry pass to the 3 in the post.