3FTC: M2M Set #3 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This play gets your best player in a pick and roll situation while also getting 2 quick looks for lay-ups to keep the defense honest. I've attached two ending options for you to decide which fits your needs the best.

  • Basketball Play - 3FTC: M2M Set #3
  • Basketball Play - 3FTC: M2M Set #3
  • Basketball Play - 3FTC: M2M Set #3
  • 4 out 1 in HIGH SET

    This set forces the defense to defend differently. If they are over agressive we dribble at and send 3 back door immediately.


    1 passes to 4 and scissor cuts off 5 to opposite corner. 4 passes to 2 and scissors cuts looking for the lob from 2. Rarely is 1 open but teach 4 or 2 to Look at him.

  • If 4 doesn't catch the lob, he continues to the corner, bumping 1 up to the wing.


    3 will "L" cut to receive the pass from 2. 2 passes to 1

  • 5 curls out to set a ball screen for 3. (Teach 5 to put on foot on 3pt line and other on key)

    3 attacks off screen and 5 rolls straight down the lane for the pick and roll or rebounding.



    1 and 2 set a stagger screen for 4 who curls and follows for rebound