Sideline Shooting - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

A good conditioning drill

  • Basketball Play - Sideline Shooting
  • Basketball Play - Sideline Shooting
  • Coach helps to rebound


    2 starts the drill at the elbow area.

    2 sprints to touch sideline and sprints back to elbow

    1 makes pass as 2 arrives at spot for a jump shot

  • 2 must hustle to get their rebound and dribble out to wing


    After pass, 1 sprints across court to touch sideline and comes back to elbow for a jump shot.


    1 gets rebound and 2 sprints to opposite sideline and the pattern continues


    Shoot 6 each - take 2 free throws each - Shoot 6 more each

Do this 2 times in this direction then switch sidelines