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About This Play/Drill

1 pitches the ball ahead and again the 2 looks to reverse the ball to the trailing 4 man.  The difference is that after the 1 hits the 2 (or goes DHO with the 2) the 1 fills the strong side corner.  The 4 will then reverse the ball to the 3 on the weak side.  The 5 then steps to set a screen on the 2 for the slice cut (a great opportunity to post a strong guard).  After setting the screen for the 2 and after reversing the ball to the 3, the 5 and 4 then set a double staggered screen for the 1 and wheel action is initiated.  As the 1 receives the pass, the 5 and 4 continue to screen the 2 who looks for the shot off the second double staggered.  To close the play the 4 cross screens for the 5 and post up action can ensue or an SPNR.

  • Basketball Play - Pitch Slice
  • Basketball Play - Pitch Slice
  • Basketball Play - Pitch Slice
  • Basketball Play - Pitch Slice
  • 5 Rim Runs the court as 2/3 fill the wings.

    4 Max Outlets to 1 who Pitches ahead to 2.

  • 2 looks to the 5 for post entry.

    1 shallow cuts to the strong corner.

    2 passes to the trail 4 who reverses the ball to 3.

  • 5 sets a screen for 2 to slice cut.

    5 and 4 then stagger away for 1 who receives the ball at the top of the key.

  • 5 and 4 continue to stagger for 2.

    4 continues to screen for 5 who comes back to postup or side PnR.