"UTAH" SLOB - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Utah Runnin' Utes SLOB vs. Kansas


2 must wrap tightly around the double screen to get x3 to show on the cut

3 and 5 do not line up shoulder to shoulder! Needs to be a bit of separation to establish a screening angle

  • Basketball Play - "UTAH" SLOB
  • Basketball Play - "UTAH" SLOB
  • Basketball Play - "UTAH" SLOB
  • 1 is inbounder

    2 is the entry target

    3 is desired shooter


    Setup in box set

    2 cross screens for 4 who comes to ballside post


    5 screens away for 3


    3 cuts as if receiving the entry, but lines up beside 5

  • After the cross screen 2 comes of double screen from 3 and 5


    3 and 5 ARE NOT shoulder to shoulder there is a bit of staggered separation


    2 curls the stagger tight as to cause help from X3


    1 enter to 2

  • 5 flares for 3


    2 passes to 3 for shot


    (4 could backscreen for 1 as an option for 3 if shot is not there)