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About This Play/Drill

In this diagram and embedded video we look at a high school basketball shooting drill. This is a drill from my college days of small group workouts, getting a variety of shots in a short stretch.

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  • Basketball Play - KCU Shooting Drill

Organization: One passer with the ball around the free throw line and one rebounder under the basket, each with a ball. Line starts at half court.


Description: 9 Consecutive shots at game speed

1. Sprint in from half court for a lay-up

2. Curl to the elbow for a jump shot

3. Fade to the wing for a three

4. Slide to corner for a three

5. Hard plant for a backdoor lay-up

6. Curl to the elbow for a jump shot

7. Sprint to corner for the three

8. Lift to wing for a three

9. Curl around passer for a lay-up


Make them all and coach will buy a Gatorade for the player.



-SPRINT in from half court

-Footwork to square to the basket

-Hands and feet ready

-Game speed shots

-Touch the back board on their lay-ups to measure explosiveness