Loyola Shooting Competition - FastModel Sports

Published 09/27/2021 by Joel Hueser Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Excellent shooting drill to improve passing, concentration and teamwork.

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  • Basketball Play - Loyola Shooting Competition

Drill Flow:

We use our 4 motion spots, but this could be done occupying 5 spots too. At least 4 basketballs are needed and 6 or more players. 2 minutes on the clock.

-Balls are entered at spot 1 and moved from player to player. Once the first ball gets to player 4 he will shoot and then follow his shot.

-Player 3 will shoot the second ball and move to spot 4.

-Player 2 will shoot the third ball and move to spot 3.

-Player 1 will shoot the fourth ball and move to spot 2.

-Rotate a new player in and repeat.

-Most makes wins the competition. Then repeat from the opposite side.



Instruct players to use their inside step to flick pass to the receiver's outside hand unless he is the next shot up - at that point, pass to his shooter's pocket. Good Pass = Good Shot