Unicorn 1 - FastModel Sports

Published 07/31/2014 by Marc Skelton Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Dallas Mavericks use this post play to draw help side and then set a staggered screen for a 3 pointer. 

  • Basketball Play - Unicorn 1
  • Basketball Play - Unicorn 1
  • The Mavs ran this. It is a great series to get an open 3-pointer

    1. PG passes to your 4. Should be someone who can knock down a 3-pointer

    2. Point guard sprints to the block for a post up.

    3. 4 hits the 1 in the post. Meanwhile the 3 and 5 set a staggered screen for the 2 for a 3 pointer.

  • 1. The PG can score or try to draw a double team.

    2. Once the double team arrives 2 should be open.