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About This Play/Drill

Moves on the Move

In order to break down a defender on the move, we encourage all players to develop a go-to move and counter move. Consider the following points as well:

1. Maintain a speed of 80 mph (80%).

2. Attack the defense right between their eyes. Go right at them!

3. Make your move a stride or two away and attack the defender’s outside shoulder at 100 mph (full speed).

4. Finally, close the gap once you get by them.

5. Be sure to practice these moves on both sides of the floor!!!

  • Basketball Play - Fullcourt Moves on the Move

Player 1 attacks the first cone with a left-handed dribble, crosses over to his right-hand and advances to halfcourt. These two cones simulate a trap. Player 1 escapes the pressure using a pullback crossover move. Finally, he attacks the last cone with a left-handed dribble, crosses over and finishes strong at the rim.

***Drill Notes:

-Player 2 starts when Player 1 escapes the halfcourt trap.

-Start half of the team at the opposite end.

-Change directions, cones etc, after 3 or more trips.

-Each time practicing different moves on the move: crossover, between the legs and around the back.