Gun Scoring Drills - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

The GUN is a great way to get alot or repititions and build game conditioning. This drill will do that and force the player to attack constantly.

  • Basketball Play - Gun Scoring Drills
  • Basketball Play - Gun Scoring Drills
  • Gun passes to Coach who then reverves the ball to 2.


    Drill: 2 makes (10) floaters, (10) one dribble jumpshots, (10) catch and shoot 3's.


    Do on both sides of the court.

Drill 2

  • Gun passes to coach. Coach passes to 1 who uses over head pass to reverse the ball. 2 catches and shoots the 3.


    Coach alternates the wing he passes to and the drills in continuous.


    Goal: Make 10 out of 12


    Progression: 1 dribble jumpshots to the baseline