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Published 02/07/2013 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Bruce Weber has brought a new style of Offense to Kansas State this year and last night was the first time he started the 4 Guard line-up

The Wildcats leader is Rodney McGruder and this is a good opening set of actions they ran in their game against Texas Tech

  • Basketball Play - Kansas State Double
  • Basketball Play - Kansas State Double
  • Basketball Play - Kansas State Double
  • Basketball Play - Kansas State Double
  • Spradling (55) runs off the baseline double stagger screens set by Henriquez (23) & McGruder (22)

    Rodriguez (13) looks to get Spradling (55) a good 3 pt shooter the ball for the open shot
  • McGruder (22) immediately moves to set a back screen for Southwell (1) who cuts hard to the basket looking for a quick pass & lay-up
    *Rodriguez looked to reverse the ball ot McGruder (22) but the defense did a good job of taking away this pass - the next sequence is what Kansas State ran when the play broke down
  • McGruder (22) cuts to the FT line as Rodriguez (13) centers the ball off the dribble
    McGruder (22) curls off a low block screen from Southwell (1) and receives the pass from Rodriguez (13)
    Spradling (55) runs baseline and curls around Henriquez looking for a pass off from McGruder (22)
  • McGruder (22) cuts baseline after he passes back to Rodriguez (13)
    Henriquez (23) moves up the lane as Spradling (55) sets a screen for McGruder (22) who catches the pass from Rodriguez (13) and penetrates in the paint drawing the foul
    *Kansas State went right into this action off the opening play and with Coach Weber's new 4 Guard attack, the Wildcats have a strong perimeter attack