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About This Play/Drill

Golden State ran this play during their preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers.  The Warriors have skilled players at multiple positions and took advantage of Draymond Green's (4) ability to initiate the offense, effectively acting as the point guard in this play.  This creates opportunities for Curry (1) to play off the ball and run his defender off of screens.   After receiving the pass from Green in the pinch post, Durant (3) has the option to handoff back to Green, hit Curry off the stagger, or go one on one if those options aren't available. 

  • Basketball Play - Golden State - Pinch Post Stagger
  • Basketball Play - Golden State - Pinch Post Stagger
  • 3 screens for 1. 1 can curl the screen or reject it.

    3 pops back to receive the pass from 4.

  • 4 follows the pass to look for a handoff from 3.

    5 & 2 set a staggered screen for 1.

    3 passes to 1 for the shot.