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About This Play/Drill

"This drill comes from Coach Jim Boone, the Head Coach at Delta State and is called the 3 on 3 Get Back Drill. We have some teams in our conference that do a fantastic job of pushing the ball up the floor, even after made baskets. This drill teaches our guys to do this- we call it “fast break makes”. It also teaches the importance of transition defense and stopping the basketball. We keep score and go live for a set amount of time with a consequence for the team that doesn’t win."


Coach Brett Campbell

St. Charles Spartans Boys Basketball

  • Basketball Play - 3 on 3 Get Back
  • Basketball Play - 3 on 3 Get Back
  • Basketball Play - 3 on 3 Get Back
  • Green lines up 3 on the baseline. White with 3 on the FT line.

    2 green lines up at each heat up line.

    2 whites line up @ opposite heat up line.


    Rebounder outlets the ball and is out of the Drill.

  • Defense sprints back to paint. Stop the ball at the heat up line.


  • When defense gets possesion, they outlet the ball to strong side teammate @ heat up line. Offense must get back on defense.

    Must touch the paint, then stop the ball. If you don't run, you don't play.