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About This Play/Drill

Adapted from Coach Hoiberg when he was at Iowa State, this drill is one of our favorites at Woodson. This is one of our "DNA Drills," or every day drills that make up the DNA of our program. If your team wants to/likes to push the pace, use Cyclone to emphasize that!

  • Basketball Play - Cyclone
  • Basketball Play - Cyclone
  • Basketball Play - Cyclone
  • 1 starts the drill and follows her pass to the line to which she threw.

    2 receives the ball over half court and pushes it cross court to a streaking 5, who is filling the lane outside the cone and receiving the ball in the paint to score.

  • Drill continues with 4 rebounding 5's layup. 3 sprints over the half court line to receive the outlet from 4.

    2 has since sprinted around the cones opposite her original side and is anticipating the pass from 3 to score.


    Goal: 24 in 2 minutes (HS varsity girls), working up to 28. 28 is Division I men's score.

  • After passing, 3 sprints around the cones to the other side of the court.


    1 (with dark circle) rebounds the ball, sends it up to the next person in line who will receive it over the half court line. In this example, that person is 1 without the dark circle.