Dr. Dish Pin & Skip Shooting - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Pin & Skip is a great action to use against sagging man defenders and zone defense. Use the Dr. Dish as the low defender and skip the ball to a wide open shooter. Plenty of variations to keep the drill fresh and train multiple actions. Can use with a small group or your whole team.

  • Basketball Play - Dr. Dish Pin & Skip Shooting
  • Basketball Play - Dr. Dish Pin & Skip Shooting
  • Tempo: 3

    Location: 10

    Number of balls per location: unlimited


    Set up Wing, Top, Wing, with a "weak side" post player. This is a great time to allow the post player to dictate which way the ball goes.


    First ball out to the top, the player (3) shoots it. The second ball is passed opposite the post player, who will "screen" the dish.


    The top player (3) cuts through the lane and out the back side behind the dish - using the pin screen from 4. The weakside wing player (1) fills the top spot/back of the top line.


    2 skips the ball to 3 for a shot or 1 dribble pull up.


  • Post player should be switching sides each time. Can also just cycle players through this line in a rotation to get everyone screening experience.


    Again, the player at the top should be passing opposite the post player to help with back side screening. Drill continues the other way.

    Combo variations:

    Catch and drive either way for post shifts.

    Post player shapes up and gets a post feed. Sikma out and shoot a soft J over the dish net.