Dr. Dish Natural Pitch Shooting - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a competitive drill that utilizes the Dr. Dish with your whole team, or as few as two players. This drill is designed to last no longer than 5-6 minutes, and you can vary the spots from which your players get shots and initial passes from the Dish. 

  • Basketball Play - Dr. Dish Natural Pitch Shooting
  • Basketball Play - Dr. Dish Natural Pitch Shooting
  • Location - 13/14

    Tempo - 4

    Balls per location - unlimited, make it time based or # of makes before you switch sides.

    2 lines, plus one person in weak side corner.


    Dish sends ball out to player on wing. Wing player gets a shot.


    Second ball comes out, wing player drives hard middle to a jump stop.


    Top line's first player circle moves to wing and receives pass from Player 1 for a 3 or pullup at the wing.


    Player 3 in the weakside sprints the baseline and fills the wing line.

  • 1, after passing, will close out the shooter. 2 will read the close out and either shoot the 3 (short close out) or drive past 1 flying at them for a pullup.


    1 will rotate to the back of the shooter's line. 2 will rotate to corner to run the baseline. There should only be one person in the baseline line.