Ball Screen Learning Series - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Because of the complex nature of the ball screen action, 1 on 0 practice is insufficient for true mastery of the skill. This drill is a learning drill because it allows the offense to have an advantage by playing against a recovering defender guarding the screener. 1 still must place their defender into the screen, and then deals with reading the next defender and making the choice to shoot, pass, or drive. 

  • Basketball Play - Ball Screen Learning Series

5 and x5 stand on the opposite block

1 and x1 are on the perimeter

5 sprints to screen and x5 sprints around cone on the baseline to recover

1 sets up the screen and puts x1 into the screen

x1 fights over top to guard the ball and 1 has to chance to pass the ball or score it

All defenders are live