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Published 02/19/2016 by Randy Sherman Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Using shallow cuts to distort the zone is a great zone offense tip

This two-ball shooting drill teaches players to shallow cut through gaps in the zone when dribbled at. 

For more on a complete offensive system versus 2-3 zone, check out "Attacking The 2-3 Zone"

  • Basketball Play - Shallow Cut Shooting (zone)
  • Basketball Play - Shallow Cut Shooting (zone)
  • 1 dribbles off the top at 2

    2 executes a "two gap" shallow cut

    Coach/Passer has ball in the corner

  • 1 passes back against the grain of their dribble to 2


    2 gets shot/drive


    Coach/Passer hits 1 with a pass, 1 gets a shot


    Run drill on both sides of the floor